Dominique and Joeri opted for Balterio laminate when renovating their country house on the coast. "The floor had to be easy to maintain. We come here to enjoy ourselves..."

​Dominique and Joeri

I have recently used Balterio laminate in the renovation of our house. We found the product of high standard and we are constantly getting comments on how nice it looks.

Aimee, homeowner from Auckland

We chose timeless laminate flooring because it is affordable and we plan to rent the house out later on

Isabelle and Steven

We absolutely love our laminate flooring, it is so realistic and super easy to keep clean. The colour is very practical and it doesn't seem to look dirty even when it is! Also because laminate is super hard wearing we don't have to ask guests to remove their stiletto heels!

Jemima, Homeowner from Auckland

We opted for Balterio because of the range, the natural-looking decors, the practicality and the fact that it can be used with underfloor heating

Katrin & Dennis

For their first home together Linda and Mathijs were looking for a sleek high-quality floor in a very specific colour -"The luxurious feel and the specific colour made us opt for this laminate flooring."

Linda and Mathijs